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Jaie Hart (Rev. J.L. Harter, Ph.D) combines her spiritual vision and intuitive insights with the world through her successful book series, popular blog and her websites. As an author of international repute, she has published over twenty books, including Changing Perspectives, Expanding Horizons, Exploring the Conscious Self, Awakening from the Dream, Understanding Forgiveness, Solving for X, The Ego is the Veil and Life - The Journey Continues. In addition, she has also published her 'Reflections' series of poetry books. Jaie's worldview combines the profoundly philosophical with everyday psychological aspects of the human condition. As a Mother, Intuitive, Reverend and Energy Healer, she informs her works with a profound wisdom that never preaches, but rather takes her readers and clients through the troubles of the day with a deft assuredness that reinforces all that is positive. One central aspect of her work is her belief in reinforcing "Life Lessons" as a way to improve one's situation. For Jaie, life is full of lessons which must be learned and overcome to avoid having to repeat them.

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